Wireless audio for your events.

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Connect as many as you want.

SOWA gives you the flexibility to set up as many speakers as you need without having to worry about wires. SOWA is the elegant wireless PA system designed for your events.

A wireless breakthrough.

The wireless technology behind SOWA has been developed from the ground up to ensure unsurpassed transmission. All SOWA speakers play in perfect sync – and without audible delay . The range is up to 150 meters outdoors in line-of-sight, and indoors often 50 meters depending on local conditions.

Battery for the whole day.

SOWA comes with a large built-in battery, and delivers +25 hours of playing time. SOWA speakers are super energy efficient, ensuring you have a battery all day long!

Circular subscription.

SOWA is offered on subscription, so you always have speakers in stock for any event. If the accident is out and there is a fault in a speaker, we make sure to change to a new one within 48 hours. The defective speaker is of course repaired and repaired again. It ensures a long life for SOWA speakers, and when a speaker has finally served its life, we naturally ensure sound environmental disposal and recycling.


“The combination of beautiful design, flexible setup and fantastic ease of use, makes SOWA an obvious sound system when we hold events in BLOXHUB.”


Mikkel Iver
Facility Manager

“The size in relation to performance, as well as the discreet design, are important parameters for speakers that must fit into VEGA.”

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Anders Mortensen
Head of Production

“SOWA is a flexible, simple and original concept that can solve many public address challenges in a new way.”


Peter Petersen