Winning a Danish Design Award Made Us Feel Good

Andreas receiving a Danish Design Award

On a sunny June evening, CTO and lead designer Andreas accepted a Danish Design Award on behalf of SOWA. We were nominated in the Feel Good Product category for our SOWA Pro speaker, a groundbreaking 100% wireless event speaker.

Here is what the Danish Design Award team said about SOWA and the SOWA Pro speaker:

The SOWA team has reimagined what a professional sound system looks like. Combined with a user interface that everybody can use, SOWA is the only 100% wireless public address system in the world that can connect between an unlimited number of speakers and do it with a range of over 200 meters.

The jury says

This is a highly professional product with an excellent interface and a clever design. The brilliant part of these speakers is that you can have as many of them as you want and use them for an event – also outdoors. The design quality is impressive and a clear statement of function, form, and aesthetics. Clearly, the people behind SOWA have managed to design and produce a desirable product that is easy to set up, move, and use.

The jury at Danish Design Award consisted of prominent leaders, thinkers and design experts from major companies, interest groups and educational facilities, including Velux, Danfoss and the Design School in Kolding

We are proud to have won the award and humbled to be nominated among such an amazing array of Danish products and initiatives. Read more about the Danish Design Award here.