Setting up sound for events with SOWA Pro is easy, simple and fast.

designed for your event.

SOWA is designed so you can finally set up sound for your event without compromising on aesthetics. We have deep roots in the Nordic design tradition, and only use sustainable wood.

Small size.
Great sound experience.

SOWA puts an end to heavy lifting and cumbersome set-up. A speaker can easily be carried in one hand and weighs just 6kg.

Don’t be fooled by the compact size. SOWA is an efficient speaker with an impressive sound level for its size.

Ergonomic setup.

The grip at the bottom and the small size make it easy to move the speaker around, so you can place it exactly where you want. Alongside the grip at the bottom, you will also find a hole in the cabinet that fits all standard 35 mm speaker stands. However, you can also use SOWA’s own simple and lightweight stand, which supports the design and provides the perfect stability for the speaker.

Beautiful sound for your next event.

SOWA Pro is built from 180 layers of the highest quality plywood, providing both great sound and a beautiful exterior. Event sound doesn’t have to be a thorn in your side. That’s why we’ve designed our very own SOWA stand, which is an elegant alternative to the classic speaker tripods.

However, if you already have stands in stock, you can use them – SOWA Pro has a standard 35 mm hole for standard speaker stands at the bottom of the cabinet.


Technical details.

Enough battery for any event.

Thanks to the large built-in lithium-ion battery, SOWA Pro lasts at least 25 hours. If you are hosting events over several days, you can charge the speakers at night or simply plug them in.

A wireless breakthrough.

The technology behind SOWA has been developed from scratch to ensure unrivalled wireless transmission. We use a brand new modulation form at 2.4 GHz, which ensures that the sound is transmitted lightning fast and stable. All SOWA speakers play in perfect sync, and completely without audible delay.

  • Max 15 ms delay.
  • +200 meters range (line-of-sight).
  • Intelligent deviation of interference.

Danish velvety.

SOWA has a built-in two-way system consisting of a 6″ woofer (sensitivity: 89.5 dB at 2.83 V / 1 m) and a large surround 30W dome tweeter (sensitivity: 88.5 dB at 2.83 V / 1 m) from SB Acoustics.

In addition, we use the Danish-developed and ultra-efficient Merus amplifiers. Both drivers and amplifiers are well known for top sound performance; high dynamic range and low distortion.

The SOWA Pro speaker is calibrated to perfection by B&O and SoundHub’s test facilities.

Sound to speech
and music.

We have made it easy to adapt the speaker’s sound to both microphones and music. At a single button, you can adjust the sound to your type of microphone, and make sure that event guests always have a great sound experience.

SOWA Pro takes 3 different inputs:


Mini jack

Neutrik XLR combo

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