The SOWA Wireless Technology

Connect Unlimited Speakers

With SOWA you can pair as many speakers as you wish. Simply power them on, and they automatically connect over the SOWA Wireless system. One speaker will become the "host" and the remaining speakers will "join". 

Connect your desired audio source (microphone, phone, tablet, computer) to the "host" speaker and the audio is automatically transmitted to all the speakers in "join" mode. 

Ultra Fast Transmission

The SOWA Wireless technology transmits the audio at 44 KHz (16 bit) with less than 10 ms latency, making it very suitable for speech and even musical performances. 

Every speaker in the system play in perfect sync (unless you want to manually delay a speaker - see below).

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The User Interface

Every SOWA speaker has this user interface on the back. This means that every speaker can be in "host" or "join" mode. 

The interface is divided into three rows: connectivity, audio inputs and local controls.

1st row: Connectivity

First step is always to power up all your SOWA speakers. You can then see the battery level and check which speaker is "host" and which speakers are in "join" mode. This row is also where you adjust the global volume (volume of every speaker in the system).

2nd row: Audio inputs

The second row is only relevant for the "host" speaker. You can connect an audio source in three ways: Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm mini-jack or using the XLR / jack connector. The volume can be adjusted individually for each input. You can even select one of our EQ settings if you are using a microphone.

3rd row: Local Controls

Settings in this row only apply to the individual speaker. You can adjust the local volume, select between L/R/mono (mixed) and add a delay to the single speaker if desirable.  

Technical Specifications



Danish designed SB Acoustics coaxial driver offering a 6" woofer with a sensitivity of 90 dB (2,83 V/1 m) and a compact large surround 10W dome tweeter with a sensitivity of 89 dB (2,83 V/1 m). They offer a frequency span from 60 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3 dB
48 kHz 16 bit stereo transmission (speakers can be set to play left, right, or a mono sum)
Dedicated DSP, active crossover and effective protection circuits.
Balanced XLR input for dynamic microphones, combo with line level TRS 1/4" jack input.
Stereo minijack line input
Bluetooth input
Inputs can be mixed in two ways: Bluetooth and XLR, or Blutooth and Minijack. The bluetooth signal is sidechain-compressed to the XLR and Minijack ports.
Volume/gain control on Minijack and XLR ports.
The SOWA speaker will be tuned to perfection by skilled audio professionals at the B&O test facilities and Soundhub Denmark.


Handle for easy transport
Supports standard speaker-pipe mounting (35 mm)
Weight: 5 kgs
Dimensions: 26x26x25 cm
Battery can be swapped by a small operation if it wears out.


Control global system volume from every speaker
Control local volumes on each speaker
Choose between left, right, or mono sum on each speaker.
Adjust delay setting on each speaker in steps of 5 meters, up to 100 meters.
Three microphone signal-chain (EQ, gate, compression) presets on the XLR input: choose between no processing, a preset for handheld microphones, and a preset for headset microphones.
App ready: the SOWA system is prepared for later launch of a companion app (IOS and Android). The app will allow advanced users to control e.g. the systems DSP settings, local speaker volume settings, microphone presets controls, zone-grouping etc.

Power and Playtime

Battery energy capacity: 73,5 Wh
+20 hours of playtime (on medium volumes).
Allowed on airplanes
External power supply AC100-240v in 50/60 Hz DC26V 2A out
Ultra efficient, Danish designed digital amplification, allows almost no power consumption while the speaker is idle, allowing you to prepare the SOWA system a long time before it is needed for your event.


2.4 GHz proprietary wireless audio transmission on a new modulation technology; not wifi, not Bluetooth.
The new modulation gives much better range than alternative 2.4 GHz solutions.
Extremely resilient towards wifi and bluetooth signals
Forward error correction, as well as dynamic audio quality scaling to secure drop-out-free operation
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