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Fast & Easy to set up anywhere

SOWA make it both fast and simple to set up a PA system anywhere. You don't have to worry about power outlets, and you can place speakers exactly where you want.

SOWA speakers can be used as the main PA for speeches and background music. You can also use SOWA speakers as satellites, extending the main system. 

Our wireless transmission lets you send the audio to as many SOWA speakers as you want, over more than 100 meters. Combine it with the built-in battery of +20 hours of play time.

A Fool proof PA system

SOWA is the easiest PA system to use - both for you and the people you sublet the equipment to. Anyone who can operate a regular bluetooth speaker, will also be able to set up a SOWA speaker system. 

For people hosting private gatherings or cocktail events, SOWA is an ideal solution. They simply pick up a set of SOWA speakers at the rental company. All they have to do is:

  1. turn the speakers on
  2. plug in a microphone (cabled or wireless) 
  3. adjust the volume
After the event you (the rental manager) makes sure the speakers are recharged, and they are ready for the next customer.


Place your pre-order now and receive your set of SOWA speakers in the fall of 2020.

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About us

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