Audio for Schools

Schools and universities often use audio setups for gatherings, friday bars, ceremonies, sports activities, receptions, presentations etc. Why not have a set of speakers that can be set up anywhere you like in just a few minutes?

SOWA make it both fast and simple to set up a PA system anywhere - and even your teachers will be able to use it.

SOWA speakers can:

  • Play music over Bluetooth
  • Connect to any microphone
  • Connect to a TV or projector 
Anyone can use SOWA

SOWA is the easiest PA system to use - both for teachers and adult students. You no longer have to call the IT guy to make a temporary audio setup. 
All you have to do is:

  1. turn the speakers on
  2. plug in a microphone (or connect to a TV / phone) 
  3. adjust the volume

Since SOWA is battery powered, you can set it up anywhere at the school or even bring it for remote events. Students can make presentations anywhere from the library to the yard. 


Place your pre-order now and receive your set of SOWA speakers in the fall of 2020.

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