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Watch this video for a 90 second guide to get started.

Select one speaker and put it in “Host” mode using the SOWA Wireless button. All other speakers should be in “Join” mode. When you connect an audio source to the “Host” speaker, the audio will play on all speakers in sync.
NB: You should never have two speakers in “Host” mode at the same time, as they may interfere with each other.

If you press the SOWA Wireless button twice, the speaker will turn off the “Host” and “Join” lights. This means that the speaker is working as an ordinary active loudspeaker without connecting to other SOWA speakers. The speaker has zero latency in this mode.

Identify what microphone you’re using. Then select the microphone type on button next to the microphone input. The “Handheld” and “Headset” settings apply processing to microphone input, to increase performance of the microphone.

You can turn the microphone volume up by adjusting the knob next to the microphone input. You can also adjust the soundlevel of each individual speaker on the “Local volume” knob (bottom left corner).

The hosting SOWA speaker has several locations volume can be adjusted. Always make sure that volume is dialed up on your input, using the volume knobs next to the audio inputs. Ensure to always play on max volume on any Bluetooth device.
Best practice is to also dial global volume up first, and then adjust the desired volume  for each speaker using the “local volume” knob. 

Lastly, make sure that the “on” button above a desired input is lighting up.

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To achieve best wireless performance, place speakers above the heads of your audience. If you use SOWA speaker stands, simply extend the stands to full height.

To further improve performance, point the front or back of Joining SOWA speakers towards the Hosting speaker.

Avoid walls or other physical obstacles between the Host and Joining speakers whenever possible.


SOWA is compatible with almost any microphone, as long as they don’t require phantom power. 

Wireless microphones always have a receiver. Simply plug the receiver into the Microphone (or minijack) port and you are good to go.

SOWA speakers last all day. If you play music at 80% volume, you should get more than 24 hours playtime. If you use it for speech, the playtime will be even longer.

A speaker takes 3 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.


SOWA speakers will intelligently avoid overcharging, ensuring the battery is not damaged by continuous charging.

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