How to Save Money on Event Sound

How do you save money on event sound? It can be a maze to navigate. Renting equipment can be expensive and hiring professional sound technicians is often pricey, especially if you host or plan multiple events requiring professional grade audio systems throughout the year.


So how do you save money while not compromising on great sound, ease of use and advanced features for professional events? It’s simple: You become your own audio technician.


Investing in your own wireless event sound system today can save you thousands on rented equipment and hired professional technicians down the line. But to do so, the most important requirement is that your new system is so easy to use that anyone can set it up.


SOWA is a 100% wireless PA and sound system, which allows you to set up event sound quickly and easily without any help from professionals. The speakers connect with each other automatically and have 25 hours of battery life, so they will last your entire event without needing a charge. 


Setting up SOWAs is easy. Simply place your speakers around the room – and notice the lack of trip hazard wires that need taping down – and connect your phone, a microphone, turntables, an instrument or all of the above. And you’re ready to go. Changing channels on the speakers will allow you to play different sounds on different speakers if you have events taking place across multiple rooms. 


As an added bonus, the award-winning SOWA speakers are beautiful to look at and will complement any space you place them in. No more ugly black boxes ruining the event photos, no more knotted wires and confusing mixers – just simple, beautiful speakers with great sound. 


Check out the SOWA Pro speakers and start becoming your own audio technician.