Anyone can turn up the volume.

We have a desire to do away with the traditional sound systems. Everyone should be able to put up sound, whatever it is for events, events, or at home on the patio. SOWA’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to set up sound regardless of technical experience.

Speakers are not invisible and will always be an integral part of the visual expression in the home or for an event. We therefore believe it is important to design speakers that, in addition to being wireless and simple to use, also contribute aesthetically to the surroundings.

🖤 Villads, Andreas & Mads


“The combination of beautiful design, flexible setup and fantastic ease of use, makes SOWA an obvious sound system when we hold events in BLOXHUB.”


Mikkel Iver
Facility Manager

“The size in relation to performance, as well as the discreet design, are important parameters for speakers that must fit into VEGA.”

vega copy

Anders Mortensen
Head of Production

“SOWA is a flexible, simple and original concept that can solve many public address challenges in a new way.”


Peter Petersen