Bain & Company - daily office ambience.

Bain & Company office

Bain & Company is a large global management consulting firm with offices all around the world. At the beautiful Copenhagen office near Kongens Nytorv, they’ve bought three SOWA speakers to help create life and ambience in their large space. 

The speakers are placed around the building – one in the reception, one in the kitchen and one in the upstairs office – and they are all playing together seamlessly despite distance and walls separating them. Every morning, Assistant and Office Support Charlotte turns on the two downstairs SOWAs and connects her iPad. 

In the office space upstairs, they can simply turn on their speaker if they want to listen along or they can put on their own music if they want to. To Charlotte, the most important thing is the atmosphere the music creates in the office.

“It’s so easy when I get in in the morning. I just press a button and then all three speakers play at once. It works really well for us,” says Charlotte, “the staff loves that there’s music around when they get in in the mornings and there’s a nice vibe.”

The Bain & Company offices are a stylish and beautiful space, and to Charlotte, it is vital that the speakers fit well with the look of the office.

“We love the design – we think it fits the aesthetic of our office so well,” Charlotte says, “they’re just really good looking. It’s more functional than for example a small B&O speaker – it can do something different, in a good way.”


Internal office events


At Bain & Company, they care greatly about company culture and host several internal events for their staff.

“On Fridays, we often turn up the music for different internal events and everyone loves it. For example, Joe & the Juice sometimes comes in on Fridays to make some juice for us, and then we turn the music all the way up to get the same vibes as the Joe & the Juice shops, and everyone loves it,“ says Charlotte, “We’ve had people come in to make icecream for us, or pancakes, and every time we have the music playing to create some life and a happy atmosphere and that just elevates the experience.”

For Charlotte, the SOWA speakers are a great solution for their needs at Bain & Company and they are currently looking into getting a wireless microphone for internal events to get the most out of their SOWA Pro

As for whether Charlotte recommends other offices to invest in SOWA speakers, her answer is a resounding ‘yes’: “We are the happiest owners of these amazing speakers. I really recommend them – go buy one!”

Listen to Charlotte talk more about how they use the SOWA speakers at Bain & Company and get a little peak at their incredible and stylish office spaces in the video below.