Anyone can turn up the volume.

All the way back in 2012, SOWA-founders Andreas and Villads met at the Danish Technical University (DTU). While studying, Andreas was working with large events and had set up countless sound systems, including while touring with massive Danish artists around the country. Villads was always passionate about tech startups, and helped develop Airtame 2, a wireless screen sharing solution. During an innovation course at DTU, the stars aligned as the two friends came up with the concept for a wireless PA speaker system – and SOWA was born.

With the backing of major players in Danish audio, including investors and board members from TC Electronics and Dynaudio, Andreas and Villads launched the groundbreaking low-latency wireless speaker SOWA Pro during the summer of 2021, and the simpler, home-use version, SOWA, the following summer.

At SOWA, we want to disrupt the limits of traditional sound systems. Everyone should be able to set up sound, whether it is for events or at home on the patio. SOWA’s mission is to make it easy for everyone to set up sound regardless of technical experience. We also believe, with our roots in Danish design tradition, that speakers shouldn’t only be wireless and simple to use – they should also be beautiful and contribute aesthetically to the surroundings.

🖤 Villads & Andreas

This video was produced by Danish Design Center, for Danish Design Award 2022.

In 2022, SOWA was awarded a Danish Design Award for our SOWA Pro loudspeaker.

“The people behind SOWA have managed to design and produce a desirable product that is easy to set up, move, and use.”

Read more about the award at Danish Design Awards.


“The combination of beautiful design, flexible setup and fantastic ease of use, makes SOWA an obvious sound system when we host events in BLOXHUB.”


Mikkel Iver
Facility Manager

“The size in relation to performance, as well as the discreet design, are important parameters for speakers that must fit into VEGA.”

vega copy

Anders Mortensen
Head of Production

“SOWA is a flexible, simple and original concept that can solve many public address challenges in a new way.”


Peter Petersen